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Arashi 10-11 tour "scene" blah blah ~ dome

Three weeks ago:

Anonymous friend j: Hey arashi is releasing their concert DVD and album soon.
Me: really?! What kind of fan am I? (a bad one). I need to order it.

Two weeks ago:
Nothing happens.

One week ago today:
(mind you we are AT Mitsuwa bookstore)
Anon friend j: did you preorder yet?
Me: omg I forgot! When are they releasing again?
Anon j: DVD is next week. Cd is in July.
Me: yeah... Dang line is too long and no English speakers.
Anon j: you gonna call in the order then?
Me: yeah I'll def make the call in by Monday( next day).

(over the phone)
Me: hello Mitsuwa? I need to order a DVD and cd.
Aniko (bookstore employee): ah~ yes. Which artist?
Me: aw-rah-shee
Aniko: ah you mean arashi? Lol yes...the DVD is on our shelf. Let me find.
~ pause ~
aniko: you want first press or regular? It's very ex~
me: pensive. Yes, I know. ( we both laugh ) first pressing.
Aniko: okay we will hold for two weeks (takes my information) I cannot guarantee first press for cd but I will try.
Me: um... Yes it's my own fault. Thank you very much though. (ends call)

Thank you Mitsuwa for always having that first pressing available to me.

Also... I became a fan back in 2005? I think. Guess what was at Mitsuwa for me when I went to check out their cd's?

First Press of their first album ... Mint with stickers and all.


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drawn nino

Weekend at the Julie's

Went with my sister to spend the new year at Julie's parents house and as usual had some good times. It was also bring your own Asian(s) since Melissa brought her boyfriend Kalvin ( Asian) and her brother Keith brought his girl, Madeline (Asian). It will probably be like that for a while too.

Today we got talking about japan plans and I'm all excited again. Next year seems so far away but I have to really start saving up.. What if Arashi & KaT-TUN for some crazy reason are going to perform the weeks we are there... For real!

Let's see if I can save three hundred a month. Time to get to budgeting.

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drawn nino

There's an app for that

Ummm yes. I can officially say this was the best year for gifts. What I always wanted but thought no one could really afford was an iPod or gps.... And this year I RECEIVED BOTH!!

Right away I downloaded the nook app along with a book with my barnes and noble gift card. And I will have to set up my gps later in me car.

Life is so sweet right now. Watch me lose both of these amazing things or worse have them get stolen...

Plans for the moment along with things I did:
- ordered the arashi concert DVD
- Go to Julie's for New Years weekend
- watch tron a billion times so I don't have to wait like twenty years for a sequel
- squee

You know an author I thought was finished with writing recently released a book too? This is the best year ever for me and it's almost practically over!

Okay that's all. I'm done.

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dr. scientist, SNL


 I was terrified about watching this movie due to the so so reviews they were giving out.. but once we went to see it... 


I think the reviews weren't too kind because they didn't see the bigger picture.. this movie was made for another sequel.. This movie was made so that an even better movie possibly could be made.. 

even if another sequel isn't made .. i was happy watching it.. and now I want to see it again. Visuals are crazy awesome.. story is a set up so i can see why they ddin't like it too much.. but it is soooo way better than what the reviews are saying!

I'm so extactic, i can't even spell.. who wants to watch it with me? i'll go again.. and .. again. ;p
drawn nino


Forgot to add..

Just because a guy is hawt and charming and i look  like a dumpy asian broad who doesn't take care of herself does not mean he should expect me to automatically say yes when he askes me out..

Pfft. .. such arrogance.. 

On the other hand if he looked more like ohno.. i wouldn't know.. ;p
drawn nino

Been working 7 to 8


I miss life. How is it these days? It would of been great if I said I had two jobs therefore no "life" but hahaha just my one with voluntary overtime. My coworker calls me materialistic for loving money and raises but really she's just jealous i get more money for doing less than her. ;p

Me ... gloat? 

Yes well I'm evil and everyoneknows that . You can't change me.. i'm hopelessy set in my ways way anyways I need to document my life to look back on. 

Jin Concert: 

Two weekends ago.. i think? and yet the memory still brings a glimmer to this zombie workaholic's eyes. I loved it.. I really was not okay with him leaving Kat-tun for this before the concert and yet after the concert I thought he was going to make it hit in America. lololol.  If you have never been to a johnny's concert in Japan.. he was like the closest thing to it... fog.. lazerdss... amazing... dancing.. the essentials were all there. Dude.. I was soo excited i even sang and hand signaled along and I didn't even know the words or hand signals .. it was so amazing.. i really ... REALLY want to see the the real thing in Japan now.. and with ARASHI.. but more up close.. yes? no...well can't have my cake and eat it too I guess.. well.. only if i was a die hard Jin fan.. then I could of... I mean someone paid $120 to be right in front of him.. directly.. LIKE GROIN SHOT and EVERYTHING.

side note.. there was a girl we saw at mitsuwa shunning her friends as they looked onto the johnny magazines.. and yet who did we see at the jin concert with an off sleeve shirt that the asians where looking at with discerning eyes? enough said... along with some snickering.


I must remember to buy dragoncontickets.. 


the lonely womens club viewed RED for some oldschool. It was sad.. please people don't see that movie.

next up.. Due Date...? Warriors Way...? something else? need help.

Stacy also got Sims 3 and I've been playing like mad. Made a sim that looks incredibly like me when i was in highschool.. also ohno's eyes are too small.. how can i fix him? Kat-tun and arashi house with maybe another better verision of Ohno is coming up next.. along with my coworkers..and who knows? 

someonehelp me get a life.

also this weekend going towoodfield.. sunday at Julie's and maybe even a movie? ;p 

drawn nino


Definite Plans..
Jin's concert (um.. if it doesn't get cancelled)
Six Flags - Oct. 23 or 24th to be exact - I cannot pass up those 25 dollar tickets with skipper pass... omg who could?
Btw.. if you want to go let me know and we can make arrangements.. we dont even have to hang out okay? lol
Haunted House.. or Woods.. or anything really.
Caramel apples.. with nuts

Shopping Plans... (how convenient is it that I'm going to Chicago with Julie n Stacy  this weekend? lololol)
Work shirts
work pants..
shoes..shoess... shoes!
Furniture.. (yeah right.. but a girl can dream right?)
Bunk beds

Unplanned things.. that I have to pay for...
Timing Belt

Also.. I am getting quite monstrously large in shape (not 5... not 10... more like 20+).. i have come to the realization that I am forced to... exercise. I have to soon before i become mistaken for a zeppelin.   C'mon Judy.. find some drive within yourself!